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SketchUp to iPad exporter and viewer
  • Export your SketchUp model to view on your iPad using Viso3D's SketchUp plug-in. Works on SketchUp 8/ 2013, 2014, 2015, Win/ Mac.
  • SketchUp 2015 version has been released.
  • Add a lightmap while exporting to simulate SketchUp sunlight and shadows and indirect light.
  • View, navigate and explore your 3D SketchUp creation on an iPad. Download the Viso iPad viewer app from the iTunes app store for free.
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SketchUp 2015 version has been released

Viso3D converts SketchUp models so that they can be viewed and navigated in 3D on an iPad or iPhone/ iTouch using the free Viso3D iOS app. The Viso3D SketchUp exporter plug-in will convert SketchUp geometry, textures and scenes to a .xcs file format. It now works on SketchUp 2014 Win/ Mac. It will also optionally, create a lightmap which will "bake" the SketchUp shadows into textures capturing the model's shadows. The Viso3D iOS app can then view the exported SketchUp model on an iPad or another iOS device. The Viso3D SketchUp plug-in is being introduced at $29.95(USD). The Viso3D iOS app is free from the iTunes app store.

Your SketchUp models on an iPad

Using the Viso3D iPad/ iPhone/ iTouch app, you can view and navigate an exported SketchUp model. The exported file is an .xcs format and includes the SketchUp geometry, colors, textures, scenes and shadows. The navigation tools on the Viso app include orbiting, panning, moving forward and backward (walk thru), display of face edges, turning off and on the lightmap (shadows). You can send your clients the converted .xcs file by e-mail or download the files using Dropbox for iPad or any other iOS file manager. Some very large models may be impossible to view due to the system memory limits of you or your clients iOS devices. Test the free Viso3D app by downloading it from iTunes app store. You can test some models and .xcs files from the sample page on this web site.

SketchUp to iOS exporter

Viso3D SketchUp exporter is a plug-in for SketchUp and operates inside SketchUp Win/ Mac. When you export your SketchUp model with Viso3D, it exports SketchUp 3D geometry, textures and scenes to a file format called .xcs. You or your clients can then view and navigate the 3D model on an iPad or any other iOS device. Keep in mind, there is a limitation of system memory on the iPad or any iOS device. Some very large models may be impossible to export and view. Test the Viso3D SketchUp exporter plug-in by downloading and installing the free trial here.

Add a lightmap to your SketchUp export

The Viso3D SketchUp exporter plug-in also includes an option to add a lightmap to the 3D model being exported. The lightmap will simulate the SketchUp sun light and shadows so that when you view the exported 3D model on your iPad, it will include a simulation of the original shadows from SketchUp. Viso3D will also export the camera position of each SketchUp scene so that in the Viso3D app, you can change scene as one way to navigate.

Download the free Viso3D iOS app from the Apple app store to view the exported SketchUp models

To view the exported .xcs 3D files, you or your clients can download a free Viso3D app from the iTunes or iPad app store. Search for viso3D or Viso3D.

Use familiar iPad gestures to navigate in the 3D model

The viso3D viewer and navigator supports panning, zooming, forward and backward motion, 3D rotation and orbiting by using iPad gestures and the Viso3D menu. It's what you would expect - simple and fun to use.

Upload your exported models to Dropbox or any other iOS file manager or send by e-mail

Use iPad Dropbox, Box or any other iPad file manager to upload your exported .xcs files from your computer to be distributed to your customer's iPad. Alternatively, you can use iTunes to copy .xcs files from your computer to your iOS device. Or you can e-mail your client the .xcs file for them to view on an iOS device.